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Nov 7, 2012

Today. Sigh.

So, we just lived through Mega Storm Sandy, my heart is so heavy from current events that I can hardly see straight, and it's snowing (about which I am happy), so I can't go on my "safari" to the Christmas Tree Store (about which I am NOT happy).

I'm going to the library to return the books I took our for Sandy and to stock up for this Nor'easter. sigh.

This soup is what I'm making for dinner. I will chop up a ham steak and mix it in after I use my immersion blender to make the soup a little smoother - and to hide the actual amount of broccoli my child is ingesting

I hope this link isn't a no - no since I'm being clear about where this recipe came from!

Keep on Gruve'n and be extra nice to your friends. They love you and everyone deserves to be happy.

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