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May 4, 2012

New Department - What are You Reading?

I'm going to post another post about reading, later. The actual act of reading, I mean, not about books. Well, it will be about books, too, since that's what we're reading. That post was going to be this post, then I got into a riff and onto the music and let's just say it outgrew the purpose for which I am writing this post.

Yes, writing about reading. This post is about the books you are reading right now.

Right now I am reading: *note that I usually do have more than one book going at a time!
"Scorpion Betrayal" by Andrew Kaplan. It's a spy novel that Big Daddy picked up on his travels.  It's fairly compelling, and if you, like Big Daddy, like a good spy/ murder/ terror plot mystery, then I can recommend it.

"The Right to Write" by Julia Cameron. It's a lovely guide on how to write more and better by bringing more writing into your life. My good friend, cheerleader and proofreader, Lisa, sent it to me along with one of Julia's other books. They're fabulous!

 A good read that I recommend is:
"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen - Fitzwilliam Darcy is THE MAN! As is Collin Firth. They are one.
"The Help" by Kathrine Stockwell - amazing
"Hunger Games" by Emily Siefe - If you haven't read it, you should.
"East of Eden" by Ernest Hemingway - Holy Moly - I read it twice, loaned it to a friend who read it twice, then I read it again.


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