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May 17, 2012

My Day in "The Preppy Handbook"

(Updated 4/12/2013)

Have you ever had an experience that was sort of like an out of body experience but not really?
An experience that, at one point or another, left you thinking or saying: "Wow. This stuff really does happen!"?  Like a scene from a movie or a play, or maybe you meet someone who reminds you of a character from a book, or someone whom your grandparents knew when you were growing up.... "Whoa, that guy was Charlie Chesley reborn!".

Every once in a while, MiniMe will get a many labeled package that was sent from some far corner of the known or unknown universe.  Puppets and theaters from Czechoslovakia, dirndles and skirts from Bavaria or a "rare" Webkin from Ebay - it can be like a scene out of "Mame". Sometimes I get a little worried when I see the boxes arrive.... remember when "Auntie Mame" sent her nephew, Patrick a GIANT hindu statue at his college fraternity?

I know my sister. You'd worry, too!

MiniMe is a member of a kids' philanthropic organization. I'm so proud of her!  When asked, I took on a "Senior" roll with MiniMe's branch of the organization.  I don't get to stand in the rain at 8am on a Saturday like a Soccer Mom, but I do have to smile and look pretty for formal dances that start at 12:30AM.

This is not easy after a full day of driving to the event, several hours of business meetings and a marathon banquet, but I try to do it in style... I really do!

But I digress....

Who remembers "The Preppy Handbook" by Lisa Birnbach? 1982?

Anyone? Anyone? (and who gets THAT reference???)

As you may recall, I live in the Ground Zero, Preppicenter of the universe. Yes, Muffy, I see you over there in the corner! Where DID you get those whale pants?!

I was asked to make a presentation about MiniMe's group, in hopes of increasing membership at a newer branch of the group in a nearby community.

Today, I went to do my best at a lunch meeting that was held at a local Country Club.

Let's review the major talking points:  Preppicenter, Lunch Meeting, Country Club.

I think you are with me. Are you with me?

I sat between 2 lovely women. Bitsy and Winkie.

It IS 2012, isn't it? Because I'm telling you, I am pretty sure I stepped back into 1984.

No, I"m not kidding.

I'm not. Seriously!

Don't ever doubt me. I'm too busy to lie to you, I swear!

I wore my patch madras dress (from L.L. Bean) with a pink cashmere cardigan tied around my neck and carried my Vineyard Vines bag. I have never missed my Bermuda Bag so much! You remember those - wood handles, color/outfit coordinating changeable covers that buttoned on? Don't worry, my shoes were black and close-toed. It is before Memorial Day, after all!

The ladies could not have been nicer or more open to hearing about MiniMe's group, the activities, the opportunities available to the kids and how their children (or grandchildren) might get involved.

All in all, it was a lovely day, but as I drove away from the club house, I swear I saw a woodchuck on the golf course and heard the theme song to "Caddy Shack"!

And was that Bill Murray, watering the plants at the end of the driveway?

On this day, April 12, 2013, let it be known that the "new ish" Purveyor of Preppy Paraphinalia, "Vineyard Vines Has resurrected that Bermuda Bag!!!  Let the Preppy Sun Shine! Let the Bells Ring! Let Angels Sing!
And PLeasePLEASE let Vineyard Vines make more covers!!!


  1. Ok all of this tickled the back of my mind and brought some very dusty and unused memories of the 80's back. You are very funny!

    1. I felt naked without a coordinating headband!