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Mar 30, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

I love the changes in the seasons that come with living in New England, and Spring is bursting out all over. Maybe our mild winter was more like a prolonged, cold Spring, but the lawn is turning green again and the flowers are popping up. The sun is out the birds are singing and the dog can spend time out side, which makes everyone very, very happy. Particularly the dog.

In SoFlo, where the yard grows year round, gardening is WORK, and it's hot and sweatty, and I thanked God every week when the lawn service came and did the lawn, and the hedges before moving onto the rest of the neighborhood. Here, in New England, the chores vary with the season. By the way, I hate raking. I have never used so much effort and so much time to get so little done.  Shoveling snow is a little better, but not that much.

With the appearance of sunny skies and warming soil, there are a few outdoorsy type things that have been calling to me, so I've been a little more pro active in my out door activities.

Last weekend, as you may know, I decided to clean out my Peony bed which took about 2 hours longer than I thought it would. The Peonies are coming up and I have my fingers crossed for everything else that received a bit of my TLC. Please pray for the non weeds in my Peony bed.

Today temperatures are in the 60's, the sun is out, MiniMe's Spring Break starts, and we are looking forward to a weekend by the sea - during which I am going to try to figure out how to add pictures to this blog! Our friends, Mike and Colleen, will be dropping by for lunch on Saturday and I believe we are going to Paul's Pasta for lunch on Sunday, it being my Bday and all....but I digress...

The pool, which we originally thought was a large pond, will be open in a couple of weeks, so I took the opportunity to dump a couple of pounds of shock into its murky depths. The darn pool was crystal clear all winter. After a couple of days of warm weather; BANG, I've got thousands of gallons of pea soup. ick.

There are beautiful plantings in a big ring around the pool (hence the thought that it was a pond) and the Iris are coming up first, poking their pointed leaves out of the ground. The Hostas won't be far behind them. I'll let you know if anything else (other than the onion grass) comes to life, but the Hostas and the Iris are all that I recall... oh, there maybe some Tiger Lillies.... but I dont' remember.

In order to keep the weeds and grass at bay around the pool and its plants, the previous owners had put white marble chips down as ground cover. The marble chips hadn't been raked or cleaned or whatever one does to marble chips, so we bought many bags of marble chips at the season clearance sale at a local nursery last Fall (see Pound Ridge Nurseries) so I heeded the call of the 20 bags of stone that Big Daddy had placed out there a couple of weekends ago, and released them onto the plants. I hope the Iris recover!

I called the siding people to get some estimates to reside my shingle house. (Hold me! I'm scared!) And I look forward to replacing some of the old windows, as well as putting in some insulation.Yes, we're on the far side of winter and NOW I'm thinking about insulation. sigh. Thank goodness for the mild winter.

I'm also looking forward to redoing my Kitchen and Master Bathroom (both Circa 1948). I'm sure I'll be happy when it's all done!

Have a happy weekend!

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