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Mar 31, 2012

Just so Ya know

I just want to let you know that Big Daddy, MiniMe and I have returned from a no holds barred shopping trip to my favorite ever store - Job Lot - I just love Job Lot! If you spend $200 at the Job Lot, you better have a truck to take you home cuz sister (or brother), you cleaned that place out!

I even - hold yourselves, bargain afficianados - am on their e-mailing list of coupons, what's on special and "coming attractions".  They take manufacturer's coupons on top of that! Be still my parsimonious heart!

I got Peony rings for $2 ea, grass seed (URI #2) $5, laundry detergent $3.50, I could go on but I don't want you all to storm the place!

I discovered Job Lot when I was a college student. Christmas shopping was a dream! Tools for Dad, Books for Mom, make up for younger sister, reading glasses for the Grandparents.

I was just so excited by my bargains I just had to share. I hope you have a Job Lot near you!

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