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Feb 24, 2012

Paula Deen Speaks - I'm still Angry

While attending the Miami Food and Wine Show (or week), Paula Deen may be feeling some heat, but it's due less from the Miami sun, and more to the reaction following her simultaneous announcement about her Diabetes and that slammin' deal sister cut with Novo Nordisk. 
Paula says she's feeling the love from the people who do care for her and that those are the people that she cares about. Good for Paula. Apparently she's taking exception to the meanies and anyone with a negative response to her recent revelation.
I care for Paula, but I care a lot more about other Diabetics who either are not educated enough or wise enough regarding their Diabetes to know that they cannot eat like Paula cooks. Those people are still going to be flocking to the doctor, asking for the medicine with Paula's name on it because "She's Diabetic and look at the way she cooks". Oh, I'm gonna bang that drum for some time so get used to it.
Paula appeared on "The Today Show" from Miami this morning, demonstrating how to make a frittata. A frittata. Butter, Eggs, Pasta. Paging Paula Deen: Seriously, PLEASE cut back on the fat and carbs! Do you need more dietary guidance? The butter and the pasta!!! Less LESS L-E-S-S!!! 
Apparently Paula and her son, Bobby (he's the hunky one that smells like caramels. The other hunky one smells like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies), are developing some "diabetes friendly" recipes with Novo Nordisk. Seriously? Even Diabetes Forecast, the magazine of the American Diabetes Association, can hardly do that. Even that magazine publishes recipes that are supposed to be better for diabetics, yet are full of fat, carbs and sugar (frequently all three at once). 
So, Paula and The Sons are "developing". Not "They announced that they've been hard at work for the last 3 years, developing new and diabetic friendly recipes." Not "We are pleased to announce that we are hard at work to publish a new Paula Deen cookbook with reformulated recipes in Paula's trademark style." No. They are developing some "diabetes friendly" recipes with a drug company. 
Do you want to know my opinion about this? What I think this really means? I think this means that Paula and The Hunky Boys sent one or more of Paula's best selling cookbooks to Novo Nordisk with a few post its and margin notes that, summed up, probably say something to the effect of "can y'all develop some sort of replacement for corn syrup?  We just can't do this book with out a p'cawn pah!"
Oh, apparently Paula is exercising now, too.
My fave reaction so far (beside mine) is from Tony Bourdain (I never had the hots for a cigarette guy before, but for him, I might make an exception - assuming I've had enough wine). 
Tony tweeted: "Some people are being mean" - Some people are being greedy".

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