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Feb 19, 2012

Pandora's Box

I've had writer's block today. Normally, I'd have just abandoned you all to your own devices, especially since Day 1 didn't end in any tears, gnashing of teeth or hystrionics. Did I do something wrong?

Someone told me that if you are going to do a Blog, you at least have to do it every day for the first 90 days. I didn't realize I'd enrolled in a 12 step program. "Hi, my name is Melissa and I've lost control of my life". ("hi melissa, welcome")  You see, I started a blog and now I understand that I'm supposed to do 90 posts in 90 days....

My major problem today is that, for years, I've had thoughts about the stuff that would make good posts or interesting (to me) stories. And today I can't think of just one thing to talk to you about...It all wants to come out!

Do I talk about the time a friend suggested that I eat more dairy to combat joint pain? Well, that resulted in my current situation, where for a period of time, I'm going to have to banish 1/2 & 1/2 from my coffee, not to mention almost everything else worth eating.

I think we should get to know each other  a bit better before we discuss my position on Gay Marriage (which is basically this: if two people want to fight over how the laundry is done or who needs to scoop the catbox, then God Bless them, there's not enough love in this world!), the election (done with it already), Free Will (you've all got it and choose how to use it)... I think you know where I'm going.

We could talk teen parenting, but currently, the only talk I want to have is how poorly behaved one of MiniMe's friends is and I don't want her mother to stumble accross it here before I explain it to her personally in as nice a manner as is possible. for me. God help us all. On the other hand, maybe we can talk about it here and you all can help me! That's a thought.

How about my TV boyfriend, Mike Rowe? You are going to hear a lot about Mike Rowe. In fact, when I figure out how to get pictures on this blog, you'll see pictures of him. What?! You don't know who Mike Rowe is? You've gotten this far with out Googling him or asking your 5 year old? Ok, I liked you, but this is not the blog for you. Just sayin'. You're welcome to stay, but you are going to have to brush up on your Mike Rowe.

Let's just say that my husband can't leave for work on Casual Fridays with out me saying (at least once) "C'mon honey! Just go put your workboots on and a zip front hoody and say "Hi I'm Mike Rowe and You're My Job!" ... or how about "It's time to get dirty!"." By the way, I think he smells like Arm&Hammer or Dryer Sheets. Mike Rowe, not my husband.  More on Mike another time. Ok there's going to be alot more and probably frequently.

There's only one other other man for me - Fitzwilliam Darcy... sigh... Yes. That Mr. Darcy. What's her name from Sophie's Choice - Meryl Streep, thank you - won a BAFTA the other night and, when she ran to the stage to collect her prize, her shoe stayed behind in true Cinderella fashion.  Mr. Darcy was right there to help her. Yes, that was Collin Firth to you. To the female world it was Mr. Darcy, a part he played to perfection some years ago... he's never lived it down. sigh... Mr. Darcy. yes, yes. yes....

I have a new obsession which I'm happy to share with you, too: The Pioneer Woman. She's a Blogger, a Food Network TV Show, a Home Schooler and a poster of pictures of hot cowboys wearing chaps.  I think I love her.

Ok, so on the topic of Home Schooling, I may or may not have thought of a new post. Maybe I'll write one and "keep it in the bank" in case there's a day that I'm too busy watching Deadliest Catch or Fox News to actually write something.

I'll think of something!

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