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Feb 18, 2012

GruvE Blog 101

Hey there, and welcome to GruvEMom Living. I'm glad you could join me for my first ever post on my first ever blog. Please make yourself a cup of tea (preferably Harney Tea's Irish Breakfast) or coffee (preferably from Zumbach's Rosters in Connecticut) and spend some time with me. Is that a cupcake you're eating?

For years my friends have told me that I should write a book or write articles or just keep a blog. So, here I am, on a President's Day Weekend of 2012, trying to figure out how to "blog".  In other words, we're under construction so please excuse the mess and keep your shoes on in case you step on a nail. And clean up after yourself, I have enough work to do, already!

There's no topic that's off limits as far as I'm concerned. I'm glad to hear your respectfully expressed opinion, whether you agree with me or not. Should it differ from my own or that of any other crazy person who might be motivated to post here, I expect all of my peeps to be respectful of each other and our views.

My most recent accomplishment is that I've begun to get rejection letters for an essay I wrote! Nine submissions and so far, 2 rejections. Awesome! Do you KNOW what that means??? At least 2 people from 2 major National publications have read my "Querys". I'm darn near notorious! Actually, come to think of it, for a particular features editor at a very popular lifestyle magazine, I probably am notorious... Well, I really think that essay would work for that magazine!

I think being a famous author would be great. Think about it. The picture on the back is whomever you want it to be, or whomever you choose to be at the time.  People buy your book, see the picture, and - as long as you don't tart yourself up just the same way again - never  recognize the real me.... genius! On the other hand, I would blow my cover all the time. I'd be at a book store and stalk my books... someone would pick up a book, look at the preview or comments on the leaf, put it down and buy another one... I'd have to know - why didn't they like my book? Why did they buy the other one? I would be "persona non grata" in bookstores around the country and my picture would be up in library's like one of the FBI"s most wanted at the Post Office.

Ok, it's 7:30 I gotta clean up from dinner (aka throw away the pizza box) and get ready for "The News From Home". That's my family's nickname for the show "COPS".  I lived in the birthplace of "COPS", Hollywood, Florida,  for 20 years. When we first bought our house - which I assure you was in a VERY NICE neighborhood - COPS was frequently filmed on our street.

So, keep coming back. The more I write, the better this blog will get. I can be an acquired taste in person, too - I totally get that and I'm sure I'll offend you or tick you off at some point.

If you are my friend, I love you like chocolate. Thanks for stopping by. If you are a new reader, well... you may have been lost when you got here, but, consider yourself found!

Blog with  you soon - feel free to give me your feed back or ask me a question.

8:34 - Update - COPS was not on tonight - NASCAR was on in its stead, so we're watching "Parking Wars"... a fine documentary about meter maids, parking enforcement and car boot squads in and around South Jersey, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. And yes, I realize it's 8:34 and COPS was supposed to be on at 8. It took me this long to figure out how to edit this post!


  1. oh this is just perfect. As a fellow Hollywood Florida hometowner, you are killin me with the Home Town News(but not in a way that will get land you a feature on COPS)
    Congrats on starting this blog. and I cannot WAIT to be offended!

  2. Wow- who knew? I too am a resident of Hollyhood, FL, but had no idea of it's prime time claim to fame. Well, I suppose it could be worse. Jerry Springer could have been filmed here as well. In fact, the local Young Circle Publix IS the Jerry Springer show, as far as I'm concerned. Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do... someone done bust a lip, clean up on aisle two...

  3. Hi, Thanks for stopping by! I don't live in Hollywierd anymore. I repatriated - I mean relocated - to New England. We used to call the Young Circle Publix the "Murder Publix" because there'd been a murder there 2 years before we moved there.
    As for bad stuff being filmed there - Fast and Furious1 filmed a lot on A1A, The Hour filmed on Hollywood Blvd for a day... I could go on.

  4. I forgot to add that the Publix on Dania Beach is the BEST!