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Feb 22, 2012

MiniMe's Salmon Wraps - a Lenten Dish

MiniMe is on top of all of the Catholic Holidays, High Holy Days and Holy Days of Obligation.  Somehow I gave birth to a religion loving kid. She reminded me on Monday, before I went food shopping, that it's Lent and that there are more meat free days than just Friday. 

Here is one of MiniMe's fave fish dishes. It's great in the summer and apparently will work for our Lenten meals as well as get the kid to eat a veg.

1 Salmon Filet per person (about 8oz) (buy 'em fresh or from the frozen section of your market) Prepared
1 Box Wild Rice Mix Prepared (mild or non flavored)
1-2 heads Romaine Lettuce Leaves - separated and washed

Prepare your Salmon however you like it: Grill, Broil, Bake, wrap in foil with a little Tony Chachere's seasoning, and butter or marg, a lemon slice and some fresh dill.

Plate up the fish, rice and lettuce leaves and serve to your grateful dining companions.

Eaters: Take one Romaine Lettuce Leaf and add a couple spoonfuls of the prepared wild rice
put the cooked Salmon on top of it. If you have a huge leaf of Romaine, you might be able to do this while leaving the fish whole. Otherwise, crumble it or chop it in 1" chunks.
Squirt with lemon if that's how you roll.
Sprinkle with some Tony Chachere's Seasoning if you roll like me.

Wrap the lettuce leaf around the deliciousness and eat.
It's messy so put some extra napkins in the middle of the table.

Happy Lent. Did you give up anything for Lent? I was going to give up gossip but then something huge went down in the yoga world and I decided not to. Don't worry, I'm not going to Hell because I moved to a small town and gave up flipping off the bad drivers.


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  1. Update - Where I said "Sprinkle with some Tony Chachere's Seasoning if you roll like me." I SHOULD have said "Sprinkle with some Tony Chachere's Seasoning if you roll like me and my fab friend Charlotte!" Charlotte introduced me to Mr. Chachere's fabulous seasoning in the green shake carton,available in the spices aisle in the super market. Now I use it like salt - like my bestie Charlote!
    over and out Gruve