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Jul 30, 2012

The Summer Cold

Who ever came up with the term "Cold" for the illness that now prevails in my body? The fever, the sore throat, the stuffy brain and head. It is not a "Cold" it is a plague - a PLAGUE, I tell you!!!

I happen to prefer the term one might encounter in a Jane Austen novel; "Ague" (though I think in P&P, Jane aught a "Chill" when she went to visit her boyfriend's sisters).

I don't know how to say "Ague". Is it "Ache"? or "AgUh"? or "Age" with a hard g?  Whatever way it's said, "Ague" looks good. I think the Modern day term, I believe, is "ugh". And that sums it all up.

As we all know, these things usually last a couple of days, so I'm sure this will go away soon. 

I hope you are all healthy and enjoying your summer.  


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