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May 31, 2012

Flour Tortilla Buildup.....

I went grocery shopping the other day and came home with a ridiculously small amount of food for an enormously ridiculous amount of money.

Is it just me, or are groceries getting more expensive?  I mean, really more expensive? I don't think it's just me. Thank goodness Big Daddy and MiniMe planted a garden ... ofcourse the chipmunks will be eating better than the family....

So, I came home to put the sacred offerings and ingredients away in the fridge. As I'm moving stuff about, I realize that I've got 3 different open packages of flour tortillas. I mighta bought tortillas for enchiladas, but I'm not sure. I probably used a kit for that.....

 Now, I use the tortillas for Fajitas which all of my family members can, will and love to eat.  All 3 of us eating exactly the same thing at exactly the same time is some kind of red letter meal in my house.

Anyway, I do want to make Fajitas, but in the mean time, what the heck do I do with 7 flour tortillas of different sizes and "use by" dates?

Steak quesadillas for my lunch today! woo hoo!

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