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Apr 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to One and All!

On occasion, I check "the stats" for my Blog and I see that people have checked in from Guam, Russia, The USA of course, Germany, the UK, and I think we had one from New Zealand one time. I hope you are all having a beautiful day.

Big Daddy and I spent last evening at a show in The Big City. It was a slightly belated celebration of my B-day and pneumonia or not, I was going to go! The only down side was that we had a very enthusiastic "Woo Boy" sitting behind us. And he was really getting into it. I gave him the side eye and I think he understood that "it was on". He tamed right down, fortunately for him.

On the up side, I overheard him asking his companion if he could "tag" her on his Facebook.  With the number of FB friends I have who tag me, tag MiniMe, post the name of my town, or - worst of all - add me to secret societies and groups, I thought that his request was Basic Good Manners.

MiniMe spent the evening at home, coloring eggs and making pretty Easter cards for Big Daddy and me. I'm sure she spent some time surfing the web and hanging out on WebKinz. Now, Sugared up on her post Lenten Easter Bounty, she's running around singing a song from a TV ad. I don't know what the ad is for but it apparently consists of only the lyrics; "SUNSHINE AND LOLLIPOPS!!" MiniMe is quite enthusiastic.

Feeling much better this morning, I went out and showed another part of the garden my 'special kind of love'. Fortunately, the area I chose to harass wasn't a wide avenue like the Peonies so it took about 1/3 of the time.

Some of my friends may recall that, last Fall, I attacked the Roses. I cut first and asked questions later, so I was not convinced that they were coming back this year. After the beating I took from the thorns, I kind of hoped they wouldn't. Then, the other night, I looked outside, expecting to see the moonlight shining brightly on the yard and the stone wall at the back of the lower garden.

What I saw was some large, dark shapes, blocking the light of the moon reflecting off of the stones. I couldn't figure out quite what it was. I went back to bed and when I got up in the morning, I looked out again, to find in the light of day, that the Roses had burst back into life. Crud. Part of me was hoping that wouldn't happen. sigh. I cut away  A LOT more than what I'd taken last year, and, except for some hair pulling by a particularly resistant plant, all went well. I would like to say I've tasted victory, but we both know the truth of that.

Meanwhile, Big Daddy moved about 40 Hostas from on part of the yard to the base of the stone wall. Fingers crossed that it's shady enough for them! He's succeeded in eradicating  most of the Pachysandra from the back yard. Now he'll have to face the front yard where there must be a quarter acre of the stuff. I wish him luck with that!

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