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Mar 1, 2012

I Know, I Know!

I know. I told you I'd be doing 90 blogs in 90 days. I know I started our lives together with a lie.
I did it for a week. Everyday.
Please forgive me. I'm bored of myself. I'm sure you must be bored of myself, too.

Really, the most interesting thing I've done this week is ... don't laugh at me.... Doggy Playdate.

Total doggy sucker, aren't I?

I'm fortunate that we have a great dog park in my town. Dog and I found our Dog Park Posse fairly quickly. We go to the park at the same time every day, and it just works out well. Everyone seems to play well with others... mostly... and the Posse is always a good source for used sporting equipment and reasonable and gifted workmen to fix stuff. It's always good to have the number for a workman who can fix stuff in your phone. Especially if you have a husband who thinks he can fix stuff.

There was a day that one of the DPP was sick and her husband brought their dog and he brought up politics. We didn't know what to do with that. So we ignored it and instead of reply to what he said, would just change the subject. I understand politics is your first love, sir, but we don't discuss those things in public and certainly not in front of the dogs. They don't need to be exposed to that, this early in their lives. Now, tell us about your recipe for Chicken Cordon Bleu! Well, you'll have us wrapped around your little finger!

Anyway, back to the Doggy Playdate... sometimes things can get a little rambunctious at the Dog Park, and someone will decide to leave or to take some time off. Then we loose a member of the DPP. This is not fun. We love our Posse.  That's what happened to Dog's girlfriend. She's very attractive and all of the dogs love her. They all want to play with her at the same time.  She likes being popular but sometimes her dance card just gets full and she feels overwhelmed so she snaps a little. Then her Mother gets mad at her and they take some time off and we don't see them.

Having a fenced yard, I invited them over for a doggy playdate. They showed up right on time, we stood around my yard, letting the dogs run and play - just like at the dog park - then she left. With her dog, don't worry. I'm not a Dog Napper. One Dog is enough.

Fun was had by all. But, truth be told, I thought that by the time I lived with a Teen Ager, I'd be done with playdates!

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